Cloud Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub

Microsoft Azure Stack is a great platform of choice for enterprises to provide cloud services within their datacenter and for service providers to deliver modern cloud services for their customers..

Software360 is a well-known provider of hybrid cloud solutions for Enterprises and Service Providers. Software360’s #1 native hybrid cloud integration solution for Microsoft Azure Stack enables extending Microsoft Azure Stack to integrate with VMware, System Center, Open Stack, AWS, Veeam, CommVault and any custom software as a service. With secured design, highly available architecture, built in Request Management, Workflows and Automation, Software360 Resource Providers for Microsoft Azure Stack brings diverse platforms into a single management plane.

Software360 is the only provider of Billing and Commerce platform for Microsoft Azure Stack that has native integration inside Azure Stack Portal UI and Azure Resource Manager API as a Resource Provider.

Used by the Enterprises, Service Providers, Re-sellers and End Users to view, track and manage their resource consumption and billing from the same single portal. Software360 solutions delivers business value with simple management and flexible platform for IT governance and control.


Robust and sturdy centralized
virtual machine management platform

Billing Solution

Billing solution configures
pricing for more than 100+ resources

Enhanced Microsoft Azure Stack Services

Vconnect – A Centralized Virtual Machine Management Platform

In this dominant hybrid world, Cloudassert eases out their customer’s workload by automation, unified cloud management, and experience DevOps across the hybrid clouds with agility and confidence. VConnect is a centralized virtual machine management platform created by Cloudassert which integrates various clouds and virtualization platforms with Azure Stack to have unified cloud experience.

VConnect provides agility to businesses by integrating Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, Hyper-V, System Center, OpenStack, VMware, Veeam, Commvault, DellEMC Isilon, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Azure.

Automating all the workloads, multi-tenant management, multi-tenant management

Billing Solution – One-stop for all your Billing Needs

Making a timely decision based on an infrastructure that evolves second-by-second and ascertaining the actual cost might sound complicated, with Cloudassert all your data is safe, secured, updated. Cloudassert billing solution includes usage and performance pricing. It’s impossible to virtually replicate these functionalities with spreadsheets or in-house tools.

Cloudassert provides quick delivery, flexibility, and scalability unmatched to other billing systems. This platform supports any kind of revenue model and allows the user to easily access. The agility quickly speeds up to the competitive market and recognize the opportunities. Cloudassert’s billing platform lets the user view their usage cost and analyze the report. Our API allows various methods to programmatically manage your billing solution. Our data analysis goes beyond just billing – it gets into the actual data for better accuracy.

Seamless business flow

Scalable Solution

Enhanced connectivity

Increased market speed

hassle-free customization

Better opportunity for innovations

Tenant Features

  • View usage and costs for all subscriptions within Tenant portal Tenant portal
  • View ongoing or historical Usage
  • Download detailed monthly usage as CSV
  • View and pay invoices

Admin Features

  • View and edit pricing from Admin Portal
  • Offer pre-paid plans, quota-based plans, and Pay-as-you-go plans
  • Run Promotions and include credits
  • Enable monthly flat-rate billing for subscriptions